Jeremy Lin should start in front of Mike Bibby


I’ll start by saying this… I hate the New York Knicks.


  1. Carmelo Anthony is the most overrated “superstar”. While they were playing the Denver Nuggets, Danilo Gallinari destroyed his old team. I was so happy, I was in tears. I hope the Knicks are regretting the trade.
  2. Amare Stoudemire, Please regret going to the Knicks and betraying Steve Nash. You are not the stud that you used to be when no one gives you perfect passes like Nash does.
  3. Mike D’Antoni: You Suck. You’re rosters of superstars are running around like they’re in grade school. This is NBA, organized basketball.
  4. Why do you start Mike Bibby. He sucks…
  5. Why don’t you give Jeremy Lin more minutes. He drives, shots, and rebounds. More importantly, he is a great floor general that makes his team involved.

I hope J.Lin gets more minutes. I also hope the Knicks keep losing. I have never been so happy that the Cav’s won.


Road Possibility

I will make myself clear before you assume anything. This post has NOTHING to do with racial profiling. I just want to point out a debate that happen every couple of months in regards to road safety VS religious rights. All I am saying is, if I am hitting 90km on the road and accidentally hit a log and falls from the bike. My brain will splatter EVERYWHERE! To those guys in this motorcycle club, it is not only your business when my MSP contribution kicks in to save your sorry ass.

2 car accidents in 7 hours, are you kidding me?

I don’t know why it happened, all I know is how it happened. More importantly, I know when / where/ what happened. So I can report it to ICBC and punish these careless drivers. At the end of the day, kudos to our boys for being 1 win away from the cup. I just don’t think these 2 idiots cared much about hockey to cause these accidents. I really don’t care how much of an asshole I was to them, they deserved every word that came out of my mouth.

Accident 1:

I was parallel parked in front of Dawson x Gilmore. PARKED! I had a grande dark in one hand and phone in the other. I was talking to my franchisee when this ugly ass cab pulls up to the spot in front of me and scraped the driver side fender. First reaction was “insert curse word”! As I was grabbing my notebook to copy down the information and getting out of the car, the driver tries to take off! There was a good citizen that stopped the taxi and gave me her business card, offered to be my witness. (God bless this lady) This punk ass taxi drives out and pretended like nothing happened. He then proceeds to my car and starts rubbing the fender and tells me there’s no damage. The first 3 letters that came out of my dirty mouth was WTF? Asshole Dave is now showing up! I told him to look closer and to continue rubbing the fender. I asked him, if there’s no damage, I want you to use your hand to rub off the big ass dent on my fender. His reaction was to reach in the wallet and hands me 50 bucks. WTF?

Suddenly I lost all will to deal with this scumbag and told him I will report this to ICBC and if he disagrees, he can argue with the claims adjustor on what happened against my car, my words, and my WITNESS. I then went back in my car and was about to leave. The dirty taxi driver opens my door and told me we were not done this conversation and wanted to settle this. Suddenly I had a twitch in my nose smelling scumbag, and as I looked, another cab driver shows up in his ugly ass taxi. He then gets out of the car and asked me why I am making this situation difficult.

What they haven’t realized was that this was right by the skytrain station and they are drawing up a crowd. I didn’t say much except repeating the situation to them following with a question of why I would be afraid of two taxi driving scumbags trying to muscle their way out of a situation. I told them this conversation is over, closed the door and told them that I was leaving. If they want to stop me, I will dial 911 and let the police deal with the situation. Being the polite gentleman that I am. I flipped the bird of them and told the two turban wearing, curry smelling ugly asses to have a nice fucking day.

Accident 2:

Nothing worth mentioning in detail. Fresh off the boat Chinese lady decided not to stop for a red light and rear ended me. My neck hurts and I am working tomorrow. I just have one question for ICBC. How much do the students have to pay under the table to get their licenses? Just asking…